Having suffered with depression in my addiction, I now have hope.  I understand that life is hard but I’m better able to cope with it. 


His mixture of psychology and emotional nurturing helped me rebuild the confidence I had lost through years of self abuse and provided me with the tools I needed to defend myself from destructive behaviors and temptations and get myself back on the road to a brighter future.


My life was going nowhere but counselling changed my whole outlook on life.  I’m now working, have bought my own place but most of all, I’ve got my self-esteem back.


It was good to talk to someone who came from the same culture as myself and really understood where I was coming from.  I’m now recently married, have a full time career, got my self-respect back and a future to look forward to.


I’ve not gambled now for over 5 months, I know it’s still early days, however I have a lot more understanding of addiction and what it means.  I now feel optimistic about my future with my young family.


For years I have tried overcoming my social anxiety but couldn’t.  Here, I’m finding my answers and have started living my life fully.  It’s not been an easy journey but I’m beginning to assert myself and lay down boundaries.


Avtar has been supportive throughout my journey, kept me focused and I’ve now changed my belief about myself.  And by changing my beliefs, my behaviour began changing and thankfully, I’m in a much better place!


I’ve been seeing Avtar for 2 months now and am happy to say I’ve not gambled at all.  I do get urges and cravings but I’m in a much better space to deal with them.  I’ve tried before but couldn’t do it on my own, with his help, I’m getting there, slowly but surely.


Although I’ve not stopped drinking completely, I have cut down and am beginning to understand the underlying reasons of why I was drinking so much.  It’s good to gain knowledge and insight.


Having worked with Avtar for 2 months now, I’ve decided to undergo a detox.  I know nothing can change until I’ve stopped drinking for good.  It was under his guidance that my realisation came, and although I’m anxious, I know it’s for the best and for my and my family’s future!


As I was approaching retirement, I thought why bother stopping now?  But I knew I had to because of my health and my grand-children.  Luckily, with Avtar’s help, I’ve managed to stop, but more importantly, stay stopped.  I’m as busy as ever and my family are more at ease.


I found it really hard to stop using cocaine.  I kept relapsing but I’m now over a year clean, back at work and enjoying life.  The most important thing is that I’m enjoying quality time with my young family.  I’ve also now stopped drinking!


Avtar's been instrumental in my journey of self-improvement. Avtar's lessons are not just about recovery from addiction, they're about recovery from a troubled life through knowledge of self, the betterment of self and consequently society as a whole.